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3 Gaps - a book review

One of the greatest needs I hear about from people as well as read about in books is how a person wants to have purpose and meaning.


“The 3 Gaps” by Hyrum Smith is a quick read at only ninety-nine pages and asks it’’s reader the following question, “Are you making a difference?”


The book is broken into three chapters which focus in on the three gaps: beliefs, values, and time.  In each section Hyrum introduces the gap, gives an illustration of the gap and then offers practical steps on how to close each respective gap.  


What helps separate this book from others are what follows in each chapter - a personal account from one of three separate individuals.


In this way you read a real life account, and how this specific individual closed their respective gap.


The intent is to offer you a dose of reality, exposure to the emotions of those experiencing a life event, and what they learned from that event.


To conclude the book you are challenged to write down what stood out, reflect on that for 36 hours, and then to go out and teach what you reflected on to at least one other person with 48 hours.  This focuses on a powerful idea - what is the point of knowledge, if it’s never applied?


One of the most interesting things I found in The 3 Gaps is a reference to a personal constitution.  This concept is covered in depth in a separate book by Chris Edmonds, “The Culture Engine”.  Essentially a personal constitution outlines your values as a person.


If you’re interested in making a difference in your own life, and consequently in the lives of others, you’ll enjoy this quick read and it’s powerful first person accounts of those who’ve closed the gaps in their life.

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